Pro Point UK, Brickwork Repointing Specialists

    Pro Point UK is one of the leading specialist in brickwork repointing and restoration in Wales and England. We specialise in brickwork repointing and restoration, from new houses to grade I & II listed buildings. We do everything from restoration repair, facade restoration, stone repairs, brick repairs, mortar matching, simple brick cleaning and any other general building or wall repair. We have years of experience in all types of restoration.

    We offer a high level of service to all our customers, both commercial and residential. We have worked with many different companies and liaise on projects with architects, builders, property developers and domestic householders. Our team of staff are highly skilled, experienced and dedicated to bringing ideas to life. Our service is professional, reliable, affordable and always finished to a high standard.

    We also cover many different aspects of building in Wales and England. We take on many house and kitchen extensions and have a team of trusted conservatory builders. Please view our services page for a better look at all the services we offer.

    Our Services

    Brickwork Pointing

    Brickwork pointing or repointing is a very important aspect of building construction. There’s a significant difference between good pointing and bad pointing. If done correctly, it can give a good aesthetic lift to the building and remain functional. It also adds value to the property and generally enhances the building structurally and aesthetically. Repointing brickwork jobs that haven’t been done correctly could devalue the property and cause the reverse.

    Stone Wall Restoration

    We also have a team of skilled wall and building restorers, we can restore/repair walls made of both stone and brick. We use both new and traditional methods, materials and lime mortars. When it comes to older buildings we understand the importance of historic buildings and are very sympathetic. When repairing/restoring older buildings we understand that an incorrect work style or use of materials can dramatically alter the character of any historical structure.

    Brick Cleaning

    As well as brickwork repointing we also do brick cleaning. This type of cleaning involves removing carbon deposits, pollution and general dirt, from brickwork and stonework. We clean almost any type of building. We’ll clean houses, churches, schools, commercial buildings, facades and other brick and stone buildings. The results from a clean can transform a building, bringing it back to its original new build colour.