Brick and Stone Cleaning

We offer a specialist chemical brick and stone wall cleaning service. We at Pro Point UK use various methods including sand and grit blasting to special abrasive water jetting without the use of harmful chemicals. We’ve cleaned many exteriors, some have been completely hidden by the dirt that has built up over the years. But after we’re finished cleaning the decorative features will be shown in their full glory making buildings look like new builds.

How does it work?

We get many people asking how the wall cleaning process works and how do we get such great results. There’s no secret, we start our process of cleaning the brickwork by applying a special non-harmful chemical to the exterior walls. When the chemicals are combined with warm water rinsing it will reveal the original colours of the brickwork. We can carry out power washing up to pressures of 4000 PSI. This is a safe way of cleaning the walls and won’t damage, alter or change the brick face. Unlike sandblasting or other forms of aggressive cleaning this system will only remove the dirt.

This is the most cost effective way of improving the appearance of brickwork or stone. If you’re planning on selling a property or wish to improve the exterior of your home contact us today.