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Deteriorating mortar in brickwork is a common problem, more especially in buildings exposed to certain elements or those near the ocean. It is a common thing throughout the UK and other parts of Europe where stone buildings have stood the test of time. Crumbling mortar has to be replaced by being ground out and pointed or refilled with fresh new mortar. This is where the term brick repointing comes from. Brick restoration encompasses brick repair and repointing.

Maintaining the physical appearance and integrity of a building’s brickwork is very essential and should be viewed more as an investment and from an aesthetic perspective. If water is allowed to enter and penetrate your brickwork, it will cause significant deterioration, damage and will result in the building structure losing value.

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Brickwork in a building structure is held together by mortar which comes from a malleable paste which hardens quickly and provides rigidity and structure for the building’s wall.

Mortar is made up from a mixture of sand, lime, cement and water. The space in between bricks that if filled with mortar to ensure bonding is called a joint, and this is normally where deterioration takes place.

General decay, ageing and deterioration of the mortar is caused by several factors such as weathering, temperature changes but water penetration is the major culprit. Removal of decaying mortar is normally removed with a masonry grinder or done by hand using hammer and chisel. After this pointing mortar is then filled into the moist joints. We provide high quality mechanical re-pointing service. We have a team of brickwork technicians that all meet British Standard Codes of Practice. We can work on almost any type of brickwork with our mechanical re-pointing methods; we always give a high quality finish.

Our pointing will ensure your building maintains its local character and restores or even adds to your property’s value. Our mechanical repointing system allows us to pump any mortar mix including lime mortars and cement mortars. The mechanical repointing system is suitable for brick, rubble, stone and ashlar. We are able to work on all types of properties, from domestic residential areas to commercial buildings. We’ve worked on many listed buildings, improving the bonding of mortar to brickwork without damaging any of the original structure.