Repointing Northumberland

Propoint UK are domestic and commercial repointing contractors that are trading standards approved and all work guaranteed. We specialise in pointing for brickwork, stone and all aspects of masonry. We also provide specialist chemical cleaning services for brickwork and sandblasting for stonework. We have many trusted teams and offer our services throughout the UK including the Northumberland area.

Some unscrupulous tradesmen and companies are attempting to trade off our good name. Please take care not to be deceived by companies providing inferior workmanship. We are the original Propoint UK, established over 20 years ago.

What Is Repointing?

The word “Pointing” is the visible external area of mortar, these joints appear between brickwork on the outside surface of the wall. “Re-pointing” (also known as Pointing Up) is the restoration of pointing. Repointing may be required after it is damaged because of age. After time, weathering and general decay can cause damages in the mortar joints between the masonry. These voids will let water to come in, potentially causing significant property damage.

Our Northumberland Repointing and Restorations Team

ProPoint UK have a trusted brickwork repointing and property renovation team for Northumberland. We provide brickwork repointing and different types of building restoration services to both big commercial buildings and residential homes in and around the Northumberland region.

ProPoint UK’s professional Northumberland team of highly rated building experts have a real knowledge and dedication to the practice of aged exteriors. The teams aim is to recover a properties brickwork or stone facade to the best standard.

The types of buildings differ, so the team use their genuine building knowledge to select the correct traditional materials and techniques suited for each particular building.

“Pointing … is crucial to the appearance, stability and durability of Britain’s old buildings. The attractive appearance of this country’s historic walls owes as much to the character of the jointing as to the bricks or stones themselves.”
Making the Point, English Heritage, 1994.

When does a house or building require Repointing?

It is essential that you can determine when it is time to repoint. Checking your pointing is very easy. When examining the brick, a good way to go by is to measure the depth of the mortar against the height of the mortar. As soon as the depth matches the height of the mortar gap, you’ll need repointing. You should also try using your finger to test the mortar, try digging a finger into a joint between bricks and see if any pointing comes away. Try this test in several areas of both the back and front of the house.

Business Property Repointing in Northumberland

ProPoint UK offer internal and external repointing services for commercial buildings in and around Northumberland. We have repointed all kinds of commercial properties including offices, large retail properties, shopfronts, warehouses, government buildings, banks and a large number of different commercially related buildings. We use the latest mechanical repointing technology available. The commercial service we provide is quicker, cleaner and includes a stronger pointing solution for commercial constructions in and around Northumberland.

How much does repointing cost in Northumberland?

Based on the condition and quality and size of the brickwork, repointing usually cost somewhere between £20and£40 per metre-squared in Northumberland. You might need scaffolding, this may add to the cost. It isn’t cheap, but repointing is worth it. New pointing should last 50-100 years, so you probably won’t have to repoint again

With repointing you will evert expensive repair works that may be needed if moisture gets in through voids in your pointing work and increase the overall value to your home or business property.

Lime Mortar Repointing

Many old brick buildings and walls in Northumberland were constructed with lime mortar and the need to keep this trend is essential to the health of a aged property or construction. A large number of Victorian properties may probably have been constructed from lime mortar, and not cement. It is essential that cement is not used in repairs. If cement is used, the movement common in older homes can cause damage to bricks.

Brick and Stone Cleaning in Northumberland

As well as repointing, we also provide a specialist chemical brick, stone wall and Masonry cleaning in and around Northumberland. We use listed building and heritage approved methods, including sand and grit blasting and special abrasive water jetting (no harmful chemicals). Any cleaning to stonework or brick must be carried out properly, with suitable methods to ensure that no damage is done. Every building exterior is different, this is why our surveyors check the building thoroughly and discuss a suitable cleaning methods for use on any project.

About Northumberland

Northumberland (/nɔːrˈθʌmbərlənd/[2]locally /nɔːˈθʊmbələnd/) (abbreviated Northd) is a county in North East England. The northernmost county of England, it borders Cumbria to the west, County Durham and Tyne and Wear to the south and the Scottish Borders to the north. To the east is the North Sea coastline with a 64-mile (103 km) long distance path.[3] The county town is Alnwick,[4] although the county council is in Morpeth.[5]

The county of Northumberland included Newcastle upon Tyne until 1400, when the city became a county of itself.[6] Northumberland expanded greatly in the Tudor period, annexing Berwick-upon-Tweed in 1482, Tynedale in 1495, Tynemouth in 1536, Redesdale around 1542 and Hexhamshire in 1572.[7]Islandshire, Bedlingtonshire and Norhamshire were incorporated into Northumberland in 1844.[8]Tynemouth and other settlements in North Tyneside were transferred to Tyne and Wear in 1974 under the Local Government Act 1972.

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