Stone Wall Restoration

Stone Wall Restoration and Repair

We’ve had some extreme weathers here in the UK, snow, heavy winds, cold winters, rains and floods. These weather changes have taken a toll on existing masonry work, new and old. So now more than ever, stone and brick masonry work needs repair. A well-built wall deserves annual care to keep it standing so it’s important that they are inspected for needed repairs. It’s likely that old stone walls will need repointing.

We offer a specialised range of wall restoration services. We can work with new brickwork or older brick, limestone or stone on houses or outside walls. Your stone wall could be structurally weak and need repairing before the building or wall falls completely. We provide a full stone masonry service for wall repairs and stone replacement.

For advice or a quotation about a stone wall restorations or repair contact Propoint UK today.