Our Cavity Wall Insulation Removal Service

Using specialist tools and machinery, we can extract any cavity wall insulation that is defective or may require removal for further structural repairs. We can extract your insulation without disturbing the buildings structure, exterior or the occupant of the home. Propoint UK have years of experience in removing insulation from the cavity walls of domestic and commercial properties across the UK.

We carry out cavity wall extractions throughout the UK. All of our cavity wall extraction teams are trained to the highest standards, and adhere to regulator and local council guidelines.

Call us on O800 240 4634 or email us if you require cavity wall insulation extraction.

Why remove cavity wall insulation?

Cavity wall insulation is a brilliant eco friendly way to help lower your energy bills, when installed correctly. Cavity Insulation might need to be removed if has been installed incorrectly, defective or when structural repairs are requires (for example, when wall tie replacement is necessary).

Cavity wall insulation can cause damp, mould and condensation if:

  • It’s old and worn
  • It was installed incorrectly
  • Your home is in a high exposure area.
  • The property was not suitable for cavity wall insulation
  • You have damaged walls such as cracks in the brickwork
  • Blockages have entered the cavity

These issues can cause gaps in the insulation, allowing heat to escape and damp to penetrate and moisture to enter. But also, in some cases the insulation can prevent adequate ventilation. This can cause damage to the steel frame, suspended wooden floors and wall ties.

It can take years before any signs of damp appear, and bad insulation could be damaging your walls before it becomes obvious. If you suspect faulty insulation, its recommended that you have your property inspected.

How to Remove Cavity Wall Insulation

When removing cavity wall insulation, we must follow these steps:

1. The old cavity wall insulation material must be removed.
2. Bricks are strategically removed to allow access for the vacuum.
3. An industrial vacuum is used to collect the damaged insulation.
4. Cavity is inspected ensuring all old insulation has been completely removed.
5. The old insulation is then bagged up and removed.
6. All brickwork is made good and the job is done.