Torc And Doff Cleaning

We us a brickwork cleaning process that it is chemical free, gentle, efficient and causes no damage to the substrates surface. This makes it a perfect cleaning method and it’s environmentally friendly. It removes the unwanted stubborn dirts including graffiti, certain types of paints and carbon deposits. It can clean a wide variety of materials. This method can clean stone and brick, concrete, tiles, glass, copper, brass, bronze and aluminium.

TORC Cleaning

This is a specialised nozzle design that exhibits a swirling vortex. It’s even more efficient, it uses less water in the swirling process. It’s used to remove carbon sulphation, remove lime & cement based paints, paint residues, some old oil based paints, bitumen and lime scale. This TORC cleaning is a gentle stone cleaning method that ensures the substrate is left intact.

DOFF Stone Cleaning

DOFF is a steam stone cleaning system. It goes up to temperatures of 150°C at the nozzles end. This steam cleaning method is a natural answer to the removal of oil, grease and bitumen. This steam cleaning system uses a combination of heat and pressure which can remove unwanted surface pollutants. Because it’s just water it cleans without damaging the underlying surface.

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