Our Services

Pro Point-UK is known as a repointing specialists contractor, our repointing service is highly recommended and we’re renowned for our high quality and efficient service. We also offer a number of different construction services for commercial and residential projects.

Over the years we’ve grown into one of the UK’s most sought-after restoration companies by providing beautiful restoration works, meticulous construction projects and offering complete support for a hassle-free experience.

We have teams that work nationwide throughout England and Wales offering a wide range of restoration capabilities and in-depth expertise.


Mechanical Repointing

Propoint-UK specialise in brickwork pointing and have over 25 years experience behind us. We’ve repointed public buildings, commercial building and many residential properties too. We use a specialist mechanical repointing technique where we rack out the joint to the required depth before mechanically injecting the new motor.


Stone Wall Restorations

We also undertake sensitive restoration to new and old stone walls. Depending on our clients requirements we can be relied on to offer the most practical solution to your building problems. Whether it be making good an existing brick or stone wall or delicately dismantling and rebuilding a wall to give it back the strength needed but still keep that untouched look. Pro Point-UK offer you the professional service you need and require.


TORC and DOFF Cleaning

The doff system is a cleaning technique where superheated water (up to a temperature of 150°C) is used to clean stone and brickwork. This is an extremely effective way of cleaning different types of stone like Bath stone and Portland stone.

The TORC system is like grit blasting with water, but the material used is very fine like powder and when mixed with water it can clean effectively on delicate surfaces.

The DOFF and Torc system is approved by heritage councils such as CAWD and English Heritage. The Torc system is effective in removing paint from brick and other surfaces where grit blasting is not suitable.


Grit Blasting

Many old stone buildings and walls can get very grubby and many times our clients want them cleaned Prior to re-pointing we carry out cleaning in various ways, grit blasting is cleaning that is carried out using high-pressure Air mixed with Grit Of varying types This can be quite dusty but the result is the best results you will ever get with cleaning stonework.

When Blasting is being carried out protection is given to windows and doors and all the sensitive areas As a rule you only grit blast hard services like stone and concrete but sometimes under certain circumstances brickwork can be blasted if it Has paint on but great care needs to be exercised.


Paint Removal and Stripping

Paint removal allows the brickwork to breathe naturally and it restores the original look of the property making it look like new. We are able to remove any type of paint from brickwork and have done many exterior paint removal jobs. So if you’d like to know more about this brick restoring service and see example of our work click the link above.


Brick and Stone Cleaning

Old buildings in the UK have suffered from heavy soiling over the years and a lot of dirt may build up. This is where specialised chemical brick and stone cleaning service come in. It’s a cost effective way of cleaning the exterior of your property adding instant value to the property. We can carry out power washing up to pressures of 4000 PSI.

You can achieve good results just using water in power washing but some surfaces get very dirty with a build-up of carbon and dirt. What we can do is use chemicals with it, when chemicals are applied onto the services it breaks down the carbon and dirt we then power wash it off leaving the surface clean. Another area where we cater for power washing is in new build cleans where there are excessive staining to the Brick / Stone heads and Sills and even to pathways.



On our building side we undertake single and double story extensions. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service therefore all of our work force are highly qualified to a level of NVQ 3. We are also so confident in the quality of workmanship that we guarantee our work for 15 years.


Conservatory Construction

We also provide a vast range of conservatories to best suit the need of each individual client. Many people today need that extra space whether it be a tranquil place to relax or a place to entertain. We design the conservatory around each of our clients personal needs. All of our glass is toughened but allows the best lighting and retains the heat.