Pro Point-UK earned their good reputation through years of repointing commercial and residential properties. Our repointing teams have over 25 years experience repointing and we have many satisfied customers throughout England and Wales.

Our repointing work is guaranteed and carried out by qualified professionals. We are highly recommended by homeowners, landlords, housing associations, schools, hospitals and large building contractors. Why?

  • Qualified repointing teams in England and Wales
  • Over 25 years experience repointing
  • Competitive repointing quotes
  • Dedicated project managers oversee our projects
  • Upfront, honest and clear communication
  • Projects are completed on time, on budget and defect free

Does my property need repointing?

If you’re not sure if your property require repointing or not, contact us. We can review your mortar and let you know if you need to repair the pointing on your brickwork or stone.

Years of harsh conditions brought on by the British weather can damage the mortar and make it softer and more absorbent. If your mortar is damaged it’s important that you consider repointing. Weak repointing can cause water leakage and potential structural damage if ignored.

You might not require the full exterior of the property repointed, but it is recommended that you do so. This keeps the age of your properties mortar consistent and not uneven, and it looks better.

It should be clear to see if/when you need repointing. If the mortar is crumbling away, thats a sign you need to hire a repointing contractor. If you’re unsure, a good way of checking your point work is to measure the depth of the pointing against the height. If the depth is deeper than the hight of the gap, then you might require repointing.

Mechanical Repointing

Our highly trained team of repointers use the latest pointing technology and equipment. We use mechanical repointing systems. We use unique power tools to make sure that the correct depth is taken out of the old mortar. We also use mechanical mortar injection pump and guns ensures that the new mortar correctly placed into the joint. Mechanical repointing, when done correctly, is more accurate, quicker and cleaner than traditional methods. Contact us more more info.