Cracked Wall Repair Service

We specialise in all forms of wall structural repair and reinforcement for public, commercial and residential buildings. We’re committed to providing a cost-effective service that is non-disruptive and professionally installed to the highest standards.

We work with fully trained and experienced property surveyors who have a range of solutions at their disposal to solve your cracked wall problem. Our surveyor will recommend the most suitable structural repairs for your property and we can give you a competetive quote for the repairs  detailed breakdown of the required repairs.

What is Crack Stitching?

Cracks in the walls are a common structural defect in older masonry building structures. These cracks might require a number of structural repairs but can often be repaired with crack stitching. Crack stitching is a technique where stainless steel bars are installed into the wall to secure the structure and fix the crack. The bars are inserted into slots cut into the wall, usually in the bed joints. A simple demonstration of this can be seen in the video below

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