Paint Removal – Exterior Paint Stripping from Brick or Stone

Brick or stone walls that have been painted over can be restored to their originally intended unpainted presentation with point stripping. Removing paint from brick and stone work can add value to your property. Removing all the layers of old paintwork to reveal the brickwork is a dramatic change and will completely change the look of a property, making it look like new and help preserve the brickwork.

Paint stripping and removal allows the brickwork to breathe naturally. This actually reduces future maintenance costs because cracks in the paintwork could allow moisture to build up behind the paint, this can slowly erode the brick face.

Our paint removal process involves applying paint remover to the brickwork. This paint remover slowly strips the paint, allowing us to clean away the paint with a pressure washer. This can be a very a slow process and may need to be a few times depending on the amount of layers of paint have been used on the wall. Once we have removed the paint we then give the wall a chemical clean. This final process removes all residues, carbon and other dirt resorting the brickwork to its original colours.

If you’d like to remove the paint from your house or property contact us at Propoint UK.