Mechanical Repointing

Where we can (usually on concrete mortar jobs), we use a mechanised pointing systems with proven advantages over the traditional hand re-pointing method. The mechanical repointing method is quicker and isn’t as messy.

The traditional approach to re-pointing brickwork or masonry is inefficient, slow and messy. Tradesmen carrying out a traditional approach to repointing can make mistakes through trying to speed up the jobs, creating a mess and potentially not removing enough of the old mortar. There’s a lot of room for error using old methods.

Pro Point-UK have a team of highly trained operatives and use the latest pointing technology and equipment. The repointing systems we use include unique power tools to make sure that the correct depth is taken out of the old mortar and our mechanical mortar injection pump and gun ensures that the new mortar correctly placed into the joint.

Pro point-UK have been pioneers in using this mechanical injection re-pointing system, we were one of the first UK companies using this method. Our teams have all the required training and have years of experience using these systems. Using this mechanical repointing system we’ve re-pointing brick, stone and ashlar properties (commercial and domestic).

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We have teams using this modern repointing method throughout all of England and Wales (repointing contractors near me). We’re repointing specialists, we’ve pointed every type of property, from small domestic homes to large commercial buildings, listed buildings and cathedrals. If you need a quick and efficient repointing service contact us today.

Is Mechanical Repointing Suitable for my Property?

This mechanical re-pointing method can be used on almost any type of brickwork. Our mechanical repointing system allows us to pump any mortar mix including lime mortars and cement mortars. The mechanical repointing system is suitable for brick, rubble, stone and ashlar. But sometimes it might not be suitable, and our teams will have to use traditional repointing methods.

It’s very important to us that a property maintains its character and is restored to it’s original form. This might require using old methods of repointing. If you’re unsure that method is the right one for your property, contact us and we can hep you.

Why do I need to Repoint my brickwork?

Deteriorating mortar in brickwork is a common problem, especially in buildings exposed to certain elements or those near the ocean. Crumbling mortar has to be replaced by being ground out and pointed or refilled with fresh new mortar. This process is known as brick repointing.

Maintaining the physical appearance and integrity of a building’s brickwork is very essential and should be viewed more as an investment and from an aesthetic perspective. If water is allowed to enter and penetrate your brickwork, it will cause significant deterioration, damage and will result in the building structure losing value.

What is mortar?

Brickwork in a building structure is held together by mortar which comes from a malleable paste which hardens quickly and provides rigidity and structure for the building’s wall.

Mortar is made up from a mixture of sand, lime, cement and water. The space in between bricks that if filled with mortar to ensure bonding is called a joint, and this is normally where deterioration takes place.