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Propoint UK are domestic and commercial Cavity Wall Insulation & Removal contractors that are trading standards approved and all work guaranteed. We're Cavity Wall Insulation experts, this includes inspection services, removal and installation. We have many trusted teams and offer our services throughout the UK including the South Gloucestershire area.

Some unscrupulous tradesmen and companies are attempting to trade off our good name. Please take care not to be deceived by companies providing inferior workmanship. We are the original Propoint UK, established over 20 years ago.

Our South Gloucestershire Cavity Wall Experts

ProPoint UK have a trusted Cavity Wall Insulation Inspection, Removal and Installation team for South Gloucestershire. ProPoint UK offer Cavity Wall Insulation and Removal and different types of property restoration services for both business properties and residential properties within and around the South Gloucestershire region.

ProPoint UK’s professional South Gloucestershire team of hired builders have the knowledge and commitment for the process of Cavity Wall Insulation Removal and Installation.

Cavity Wall Insulation Surveyor South Gloucestershire

We are experiencing more and more clients that have Penetrating Damp. This might be as a result of saturated cavity wall insulation bridging the cavity. Cavity insulation that has fallen to the bottom of the gap is often misdiagnosed as a DPC issue. Without a survey, expensive injection DPC’s are applied, instead of extracting the real problem, the faulty insulation. In addition we are seeing walls with high damp patching that can be as a result of an external defect letting water to penetrate the cavity wall insulation to the internal wall. This is sometimes wrongly diagnosed as faulty wall ties resulting in damp spotting.

If your home is experiencing damp issues, to confirm the real cause, we highly advise you to have an survey and inspection done. This is a non-intrusive inspection where a cavity wall expert will drill a small hole, and then would inspect the cavity with one of our small cameras. They would then review the true condition of the insulation.

Afterwards, a extensive report will be produced, this details the work that has been undertaken as part of the inspection, the inspection results, and our unbiased advice for the rectification of the issue.

Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

We do cavity wall removal throughout the UK. All of our Insulation removal teams are trained to the highest standards, and adhere to regulator and South Gloucestershire local council guidelines.

Using our specialist tools and machinery, our South Gloucestershire Insulation extraction team can remove all insulation that is causing issues or might require removal for more structural repairs. We can extract the insulation without effecting the properties structure or exterior walls. Propoint UK have years of experience in extracting insulation from both residential and commercial properties across South Gloucestershire.

Cavity Wall Insulation Installers

As well as extraction, we carry out CWI installations in and around South Gloucestershire. We are highly recommended within the industry for providing a brilliant service and installing high performance, injected blown bead insulation systems.

The blown bead insulation has outstanding cavity wall insulating properties, it is ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Providing 100% cavity fill with no cold spots, no waste and it’s easy to install. Blown beads have unbelievable durability, it’s water resistant and doesn’t rot, making it the number one product for insulation.

About South Gloucestershire

South Gloucestershire is a unitary authority area in South West England. It comprises multiple suburban areas to the north and east of Bristol as well as a large rural hinterland. South Gloucestershire was created in 1996 from the northern section of the county of Avon, which was abolished at that time.

The area includes multiple towns and population centres, with many of these areas continuing to expand in both population and industry. Many of these towns and population areas are listed under two major subheadings below.

Propoint-UK carry out cavity wall insulation instalations throughout the UK and we are known in the industry for providing a briliant service and installing high performance, injected blown bead insulation systems.

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Blown Bead Insulation

  • more efficient than rock and glass wool insulation
  • less drill holes required
  • reduces heat loss
  • annual savings of up to £275 on heating bills
  • full grant funding available
  • consistent density with constant thermal protection
  • fire resistant and waterproof
  • bonded finish ensures no damp or thermal bridging
  • suitable for driving rain and bad weather areas
  • fast and clean installation

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