How to Remove Cavity Wall Insulation

How a cavity wall insulation is removed depends on the insulation material within the walls.

If the insulation is made of wool, it can be simply extracted. All that is required is big insulation extraction vacuum.

If the insulation is solid, it’s not so simple. To extract solid insulation, the solid insulation will need to be broken up into crumbles so it can be removed safely. To do this, high pressure air is blown within the wall cavity through injection holes and then it is extracted with the sepcialised vacuum.

The Removal process

  • First, a number of external bricks are removed along the bottom of the wall (this allows for the material to be extracted later on).
  • Now holes are drilled in to the wall in the affected area. This is to allow high-pressured air to be blown into the cavity, this crumbles the insulation allowing it to move freely within the cavity.
  • The crumbled defective insulation is then vacuumed from bottom holes using specialist machinery.
  • The cavity is inspected to ensure all contaminated or damaged insulation was cleared
  • All holes are filled and brickwork is restored

Pro Point UK have helped removed incorrectly installed cavity wall insulation from hundreds of properties throughout the UK. If you require a professional cavity wall insulation removal service, then contact us today for a quote.

How long will it take to remove cavity insulation?

The time it takes to remove any given insulation project depends on the size of the wall and the type of insulation. To get an accurate timescale for a project, contact us and we can give you a rough estimate on the time it will take and the cost.

Will the removal damage my walls?

No – the wall will be restored to to how it was before the removal. Our team make every effort to make the removal clean and quick.